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The 10 Best Books of 2004 (The NY Times)

Gilead: A Novel
Marilynne Robinson

The great danger of the clergyman in fiction is that his doctrinal belief will leak into the root system of the novel and turn argument into piety, drama into sermon... read more
The Master : A Novel
Colm Toibin

For a while, during the Gay Nineties of their respective centuries, the American writer Henry James and the Irish writer Colm Toibin -- whose remarkable new novel is about James -- were faced with the same embarrassing problem... read more
The Plot Against America
Philip Roth

There is a solid tradition in American letters of novels like this, phantasmagoric pictures of a United States whose every promise has been turned upside down... read more
Runaway: Stories
Alice Munro

I want to circle around Munro's latest marvel of a book, "Runaway," by taking some guesses at why her excellence so dismayingly exceeds her fame... read more
Orhan Pamuk

This seventh novel from the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk is not only an engrossing feat of tale-spinning, but essential reading for our times... read more
War Trash
Ha Jin

This would seem on the surface of things most unlikely. Neither notably eccentric nor charismatic, Yu Yuan is not an especially vivid personality... read more
Alexander Hamilton
Ron Chernow

When Alexander Hamilton was 10, his father abandoned him. When he was around 12, his mother died of a fever in the bed next to his... read more
Chronicles : Volume One
Bob Dylan

For him to turn memoirist is a mustache of another sort, since calculated image-tending dominates the agenda here even more than it did in this year's only other comparably bruited autobiography,.. read more
Washington's Crossing (Pivotal Moments in American History)
David Hackett Fischer

Though the sizes of the armies were small compared with the numbers that fought at later battles like Gettysburg or Normandy,.. read more
Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
Stephen Greenblatt

The life, on the other hand, was hardly documented: there are no letters or diaries or contemporary descriptions... read more

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