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The 10 Best Books of 2002 (The NY Times)

Anthony Blunt: His Lives
Miranda Carter

Most people today, though, detest Blunt's memory, because the secret turned out to have been that he was a Soviet spy. An intimate and recruit of the younger Guy Burgess, he began to work for the Soviets in 1937... read more
Atonement: A Novel
Ian Mcewan

This in itself should be enough to have hardened McEwan fans anxiously flicking back to check that it is indeed his name on the dust jacket... read more
Bad Blood: A Memoir
Lorna Sage

One of the greatest balms that life has to offer, it would seem, is that we are not alone in our estrangement and rebellion... read more
Middlesex: A Novel
Jeffrey Eugenides

Eugenides's first novel, ''The Virgin Suicides'' (1993), was a dreamy, slender book about the gulf in understanding between the adolescent boys in a Michigan suburb and the five daughters of a strict Roman Catholic couple living in their neighborhood... read more
Paris 1919 : Six Months That Changed the World
Margaret Macmillan,Richard Holbrooke

From January to June 1919, the leaders of Britain, France, Italy and the United States met in Paris to decide the outcome of the war they had just won against the Central Powers... read more
William Kennedy

Felix's aria continues in this droll vein, variations on extortion and protection involving mainly insurance, liquor and the public payroll, the notes soaring until they nearly fly off the page... read more
Seeing in the Dark : How Backyard Stargazers Are Probing Deep Space and Guarding Earth from Interplanetary Peril
Timothy Ferris

A century later Freud made the same crossing and in ''The Future of an Illusion'' tried to reduce most of religion to that ''oceanic feeling.''... read more

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