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The 10 Best Books of 1997 (The NY Times)

American Pastoral
Philip Roth

A hint of an answer is heard in an apparently innocent little contest, when the girl was very young, between Swede's father and his wife's Roman Catholic mother for the soul of their granddaughter... read more
American Scripture : Making the Declaration of Independence
Pauline Maier

The thrust of her work is a careful examination of the drafting of the document by Jefferson and the Congressional committee;... read more
The Blue Flower
Penelope Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald doesn't make it entirely clear what draws Friedrich von Hardenberg (Novalis's real name) to little Sophie?but that is precisely the point... read more
Huxley: From Devil's Disciple to Evolution's High Priest (Helix Books)
Adrian Desmond

The original Huxley was certainly not one of them. Thomas Henry Huxley had no fortune to inherit, no family tradition to uphold... read more
Into Thin Air : A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster (Modern Library Exploration)
Jon Krakauer

He wrote it to ''purge Everest from my life.'' It didn't. It may put Everest ineradicably into your mind... read more
Mason & Dixon
Thomas Pynchon

The book's abundant humor balances on the thin edge of anachronism; history, myth, anecdote and hyperbole are perfect equals... read more
The Puttermesser Papers
Cynthia Ozick

Along the way she creates a female golem who makes Puttermesser Mayor of New York but who also grows gigantic and has to be unmade when her sexual appetites exhaust the Mayor's entire administration... read more
Toward the End of Time
John Updike

Turnbull's journal is like ''Walden'' gone haywire; Ben is brilliantly observant of nature, but if Thoreau's gaze is innocent, Ben's is a gritty-eyed squint... read more
Don DeLillo

The protagonist is an entrepreneur of waste; the novel bursts with witty and dramatic conjurings of garbage, voidance, slag... read more
Virginia Woolf
Hermione Lee

She convinces us that Woolf, contrary to previous assumptions, reveled in a deep intimacy with her husband, Leonard... read more
Timothy Ferris

The sweep is vast: in eight chapters he canvasses the theory of the Big Bang, the dynamism of the universe, the shape of space, the origins of the chemical elements,.. read more

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